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Welcome To Recycled Living


This Is Our Mission

Our mission is to recycle plastic into a dense modular building material to construct livable homes for the houseless with a new level of affordability. 

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In just 35 years, the amount of plastic waste generated worldwide is projected to triple1. This is a crisis. Plastic’s role in the climate crisis is largely determined by how we manage it. The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) calculates that this year, plastic will release 200 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere NOT from its production but from its end of life6. For comparison, Oregon released 61 million tons of carbon this year - less than one third of the carbon emissions plastic releases after its production7.

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Oregon has the highest rate of chronic homelessness in the country1. For Portlanders the reason was clear. From 2020 to 2022 we saw rent increase by 42%2, our city was rated the 4th fastest gentrifying city in the nation3, and low-income housing began to disappear4. The rising population of our neighbors living unsheltered had a clear root; housing.


Our Way To Help.

Our mission is to recycle plastic and build homes to people who need them.  We care about the environmental health of our planet and the crisis created by plastic pollution. Additionally, we deeply care about our houseless neighbors and are aware of how they have been disproportionately impacted by societal issues.


Recycled Living's goal is to expand our current recycling system while creating innovation within housing.

Our way to help is to expand our recycling system and housing options with one united solution.


Support A Better Future!

Join Us!

We're an organization of people passionate about creative solutions to extremely important issues. We are currently expanding our team of volunteers, engineers, sponsors, and partner organizations. If houselessness and plastic pollution are issues you care about; join us!

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